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Since Vatican II, priests and people have been encouraged to work together in a "common effort to attain fullness in unity". St Mary's Parish Council was formed in 2005 to take on the day-to-day management of the Parish in the absence (at the time) of a resident Parish Priest, and comprises a group of people who represent the active secular and spiritual groups working in the parish. The Parish Council's role today is to support the Parish Priest in the running of the Parish - it acts as a coordinating body for the parish groups, and is a central point through which information about the running of the parish can be fed in and out, thus providing recognised channels of communication.

Membership of the Parish Council is open to any Parishioner over 16 years of age and elections are held on an annual basis. Parishioners are elected to the positions of Chairman, vice-Chairman and Secretary, with the Treasurer being appointed directly by the Parish Priest to ensure an independence in the financial management of the Parish.

Individual Council members have responsibilities for coordination of and liaison with the various parish groups. Parishioners are encouraged to raise any topics that concern them for discussion at each Parish Council meeting. The Parish Council therefore creates a platform for discussions, a channel through which individuals may air their views and so the Parish Priest is helped and supported in making decisions that are appropriate for the Parish community.

The Parish Council meets in the Parish Hall on a monthly basis, with ad hoc meetings of sub-groups as required. 

The current Parish Council members are as follows:

Chairman:           Michael Thompson 

Vice-chairman:    Mary Earnshaw

Members:           Jean Bolton

                          Mary Earnshaw

                          Nick Fish (Finance)

                          Gerard Fishwick (Deacon)

                          Jim Hill

                          Peter Kitching

                          Jacqui O'Donnell

                          Tom Parker (Secretary) 

                          Michael Thompson

                           Martin Ainsworth



Parish Priest:      Fr Gerry McCusker