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The Parish Register transcriptions supplied on this website are intended to aid Family Historians - the actual Register entries may contain additional detail of a Religious or private nature. 

A transcription of St Mary's Marriage Register for the period 1849 to 1937:

Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom of Groom Father Groom Mother Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride of Bride father Bride mother Witness 1 Witness 2 Notes
16/8/1849 GEORGE MYERS Liverpool Anthony   JANE HOWETT Liverpool          
2/8/1849 ROBERT WELLS Euxton Joshua   LUCY ROSBOTTOM Euxton Jeremiah        
17/11/1849 JOHN ROSTRON Chorley George Margaret MARGARET PILKINGTON Chorley          
20/11/1849 THOMAS COOPER Lostock Hall     REBECCA WORTHINGTON Pincock          
26/5/1850 PETER KELLY Mawdesley     SARA REYNOLDS       Richard Ainscough Jane Cooper  
17/6/1850 WILLIAM BARTON Chorley Thomas Jane ELIZABETH CHARNOCK Chorley Thomas Catherine      
15/7/1850 PETER CATTERALL Chorley Thomas   CATHERINE HODGATE            
15/7/1850 MATTHEW HODGATE Chorley Matthew   MARY WESTHEAD Chorley          
23/9/1850 WILLIAM PARKINSON Euxton John   ANNE WOODS Chorley          
25/9/1850 ROBERT SWARBRICK Euxton Thomas Mary MARGARET BARROW Charnock Richard Richard Marie      
3/10/1850 ROBERT HARRIS Euxton Thomas   ISABELLA MATHER Euxton Thomas   George Mather Alice Mather  
1850 JOHN CATTERALL Preston     JANE SMITH Charnock Richard John        
1850 ROBERT BANKS Blackbrook, Parr     ANNE CUNLIFFE Euxton Hall          
1850 RICHARD RALPHS Euxton     ISABELLA WORTHINGTON Euxton          
1850 RICHARD WALMSLEY Whittle le Woods     ALICE FELTON Euxton          
13/1/1851 THOMAS ROSCOE Charnock Richard Rodger Martha CATHERINE HART Chorley James Anne Rodger Roscoe Alice Hart  
2/2/1851 JAMES LUCAS Euxton John Tabitha JANE KELLETT Euxton Francis Ellen James Kellett Margaret Kellett  
2/7/1851 JAMES GORE Mawdesley John Mary ELLEN BRINDLE Mawdesley James Moore Jane Brindle Charles Wilson Ellen Mawdesley  
24/7/1851 RICHARD WALMSLEY Euxton Henry Alice FRANCES BULLER Euxton John Anne John Last Mary Challinor  
6/10/1851 JOHN WELLS Euxton Joshua Elizabeth ELLEN GREENSMITH (widow)   John Cowell Ellen Cowell Thomas Smith Mary Shaw  
15/10/1851 HENRY HARGREAVES Chorley Thomas Emma? (Simpson) ELLEN ROBINSON (widow) Chorley William Winstanley Eliza Winstanley (Roscoe) James Morris Alice Winstanley  
20/10/1851 THOMAS HIGGINSON Euxton John Martha (Moss) MARY YATES Euxton James Margaret (Walmsley) Alex Sherburne Mary Rutter  
22/11/1851 JOHN BRIMLOW Euxton Richard Ellen (Hathersall) ESTHER BRIMLOW Chorley John Mary (Wignall) John Wells Ellen Wells  
17/1/1852 LAURENCE DAVIS Euxton Anthony   ANNE TOMLINSON Chorley Richard Anne Robert Smith Mary Smith  
1/2/1852 CHARLES FAIRBROTHER (widower)   John Anne JANE VAUGHAN (widow) Chorley Robert Scott Anne Scott William Fairbrother Esther Edgerley  
12/5/1852 THOMAS CULSHAW Mawdesley Thomas   SARAH LYONS Lathom James   James Rawcliffe Anne Lyons  
7/5/1852 THOMAS WINSTANLEY Pincock Richard   ELLEN DEAKIN Euxton James   George Winstanley Anne Swarbrick  
27/11/1852 JOHN TURNER Barnacre Laurence   FRANCES MOON Eccleston Rudolph   John Moon Anne Turner  
1/5/1853 JAMES POLDING Chorley Henry   ANNE HULME Chorley William   Christopher Bleasdale Anne Anderton  
17/7/1853   BRINDLE Chorley James   CHARLOTTE SHARPLES Coppull William   John Sharples Isabella Kellett  
2/10/1853 RICHARD CATTERALL Chorley Thomas   MARY JONES Chorley   Mary John Talbot Elizabeth Catterall  
7/2/1854 JOHN GOULDING Chorley     MARGARET KELLETT Chorley Francis        
2/7/1854 HENRY DAWSON Cuerden James   JANE WALMSLEY Clayton John   Henry Bradshaw Jane Orrell  
14/6/1855 THOMAS TURNER Euxton   Catherine MARY CLITHERO Euxton William   George Woods Elizabeth Turner  
1/8/1855 THOMAS MOON Eccleston Rudolph   ANNE TURNER Croston Laurence   Thomas Swarbrick Isabella Swarbrick  
11/9/1855 WILLIAM MARSDEN Mawdesley William   ELLEN MAWDESLEY Mawdesley Henry   Henry Brookfield Margaret Rosbottom  
9/12/1855 GEORGE WINSTANLEY Pincock Richard   ANNE SWARBRICK Euxton Edward   John Winstanley Hannah Winstanley  
3/2/1856 GEORGE WOODS Euxton John   ELIZABETH TURNER Pincock   Helen William Sharples Isabella Turner  
12/5/1856 HENRY SOUTHWORTH Mawdesley Henry   ANNE SHAW Charnock Richard John   John Southworth Mary Shaw  
15/11/1856 PETER WATKINSON Pincock Jonathan   ELLEN CLITHERO Pincock James   Peter Rosbottom Mary Anne Clithero  
24/2/1857 HUGH SWIFT Lower Healey William   ALICE BARROW Charnock Richard Richard   John Heaton Jane Swift  
2/5/1857 PETER WRIGHT Mawdesley Peter   MARY CULSHAW Mawdesley John   Richard Walmsley Anne Wright  
4/5/1857 JAMES SHAW Charnock Richard John   MARY HIGGINSON Euxton John   Thomas Jackson Margaret Shaw  
8/6/1857 JOSEPH WORTHINGTON Pincock Richard   SARAH FLETCHER Euxton & Rugby Robert   William Hull Elizabeth Cooper  
13/7/1857 JAMES HOUGHTON Clayton Richard   ISABELLA BANKS Euxton John   Henry Houghton Anne Banks  
17/8/1857 PETER STOCK Charnock Richard Peter   ELIZABETH TALBOT (widow)   Robert France   Andrew Coffey Frances Pinnock Widow of Henry Talbot
4/10/1857 JOHN SOUTHWORTH Mawdesley Henry   EVELYN (?) COWLEY Wrightington Richard   Thomas Winstanley Mary Anne Clithero  
30/10/1857 HENRY HOUGHTON Clayton Richard   ANNE BANKS Euxton John   Thomas Taylor Jane Banks  
10/5/1858 JAMES BROMLEY Euxton John   ELIZABETH WATKINSON Pincock Jonathan   Joseph Taylor Hannah Winstanley  
27/5/1858 THOMAS TAYLOR Euxton William   JANE BANKS Euxton John   Henry Houghton Margaret Banks  
19/9/1858 THOMAS JACKSON Pincock Edward   MARY SHAW Charnock Richard John   Henry Southworth Anne Southworth  
27/9/1858 JOSEPH EDGERLEY Charnock Richard Joseph   ELIZABETH STOCK Charnock Richard Peter   James Higginson Elizabeth Stock  
11/11/1858 ROBERT SHAW Charnock Richard John   MARY MALLEY Euxton Thomas   Joseph Worthington Sara Worthington  
6/3/1859 THOMAS WILCOCK Euxton Michael   ANNA COLLYER (widow) Much Hoole John Mortimer   Thomas Rosbottom Margaret Rosbottom  
27/7/1859 AMBROSE KEATING Euxton Patrick   ISABELLA RALPHS (widow) Pincock Richard Worthington   Joseph Worthington Sara Worthington Widow of Richard Ralphs
15/8/1859 RICHARD HARRISON Pincock Thomas   ELLEN DEAKIN Pincock William   Thomas Harrison Mary Cowling  
29/1/1860 WILLIAM ASHURST Euxton & Wigan     ANNE MORRIS (BENTLEY) Euxton Thomas Bentley Anne Morris Thomas Swarbrick Margaret Swarbrick  
18/2/1860 EDWARD MOORE Towneley Edward   CAROLINE CLIFTON Euxton William   Andrew Coffey Sara Rosking  
23/2/1860 ROBERT RIGBY Euxton Richard   ALICE HOLDING Euxton William   Thomas Meadows Sara Holding  
23/12/1860 WILLIAM HOLDING Euxton Richard   ESTHER THOMPSON (widow) Pincock John Roper   Robert Fishwick Sara Holding  
11/2/1861 MICHAEL WILCOCK Euxton James   MARGARET HODSON Euxton John   Thomas Rosbottom Margaret Rosbottom  
30/5/1861 JAMES SAYNOR Tadcaster William   ANNE WINYARD Euxton John   Andrew Coffey Jane Parkinson  
18/7/1861 JOHN LONSDALE Chorley   Sara MARGARET SWARBRICK Euxton Thomas   Thomas Tomlinson Isabella Swarbrick  
1/8/1861 HENRY GREAVES Charnock Richard Michael   HARRIET KIRKMAN   Laurence   Richard Barrow Elizabeth Greaves  
17/11/1861 THOMAS MARSDEN Wrightington Nicholas   MARY ROPER Mawdesley William   James Marsden Sara Brady  
26/1/1862 PETER CULSHAW Mawdesley John   BRIDGET CASEY Mawdesley John   Thomas Wright Bridget Brogan  
11/1/1863 WILLIAM LUCAS Charnock Richard Thomas   ELIZABETH CROPPER Euxton Thomas   Thomas Lucas Agnes Lucas  
25/4/1863 RICHARD BARROW Charnock Richard William   ELIZABETH GREAVES Charnock Richard Michael   Joseph Bond Margaret Greaves  
17/9/1863 THOMAS WORTHINGTON Euxton Richard   ELIZABETH WILCOCK Euxton James   Thomas Rosbottom Anne O'Neill  
11/10/1863 JAMES PARKINSON Euxton John   ISABELLA WATKINSON Euxton   Elizabeth John Roscoe Mary Watkinson  
1/6/1864 RICHARD RATCLIFFE Charnock Richard John   MARY ANNE BARROW Charnock Richard William   Thomas Swarbrick Catherine Barrow  
19/9/1864 JAMES ROSBOTTOM Charnock Richard Jeremiah   ELIZABETH LUCAS Charnock Richard Thomas   John Rosbottom Agnes Lucas  
2/10/1864 PETER ROSBOTTOM Euxton John   JANE CULSHAW Coppull Peter   Thomas Rosbottom Mary Watkinson  
7/1/1865 JOSEPH TAYLOR Euxton William   ALICE REID Charnock Richard James   William Taylor Sara Reid  
25/2/1865 JOSEPH BEARDSWORTH Pincock Robert   HANNAH WINSTANLEY Pincock Richard   Richard Beardsworth Jane Beardsworth  
7/5/1865 JOHN BALL Euxton Richard   MARY MORTIMER Euxton John   Richard Ball Anne Wilcock  
28/8/1865 ROBERT FISHWICK Euxton Hugh   SARA HOLDING Euxton William   John Wells Anne Beesley  
25/11/1865 WILLIAM SHAW Charnock Richard John   MARGARET GREAVES Charnock Richard Michael   Henry Greaves Mary Greaves  
13/2/1866 THOMAS ROSBOTTOM Euxton Jeremiah   ELIZABETH RALPHS Euxton Robert Dawson   Richard Walmsley Anne O'Neill  
13/2/1866 JOHN WILCOCK Euxton James   AGNES LUCAS Charnock Richard Thomas   James Clayton Mary Lucas  
13/2/1866 JAMES CLAYTON Anglezarke John   MARY LUCAS Charnock Richard Thomas   John Wilcock Agnes Lucas  
23/5/1866 WILLIAM AINSWORTH Euxton Robert   MARY ANNE TAYLOR Euxton William   John Singleton Elizabeth Roscoe  
23/9/1866 JOHN ROSCOE Pincock Andrew   MARGARET FISHWICK Pincock John   John Ball Isabella Roscoe  
15/2/1868 JOSEPH ROSCOE Pincock Andrew   MARY MOORE Euxton Thomas   James Moore Elizabeth Roscoe  
22/2/1868 RICHARD WINSTANLEY Euxton Richard   MARGARET SLATER Southport Robert   Robert Winstanley Jane Harrison  
19/9/1868 JOHN BUSS Euxton John Marie ELIZABETH WINSTANLEY   William Lucy (Ralphs) William Taylor Hanna Winstanley  
7/11/1868 JOSEPH WATKINSON Euxton John   MARGARET DEAKIN Euxton William   Mark Lowe Margaret Watkinson  
17/12/1868 HENRY BARROW Euxton Richard   ANNA HODGKINSON   James   Henry Moon Catherine Moon  
21/1/1869 THOMAS WILCOCK Runshaw John   MARY CROPPER   Thomas   Michael Wilcock Alice Wilcock  
3/2/1869 THOMAS PARKINSON Euxton John   ALICE ROSCOE   Andrew   John Roscoe Margaret Roscoe  
6/5/1869 HENRY MOON Euxton John   ALICE JANE DICKINSON Euxton James   John Moon Mary Anne Dickinson  
8/5/1869 JAMES SPENCER Chorley   Margaret ELIZABETH LAWRENCE (widow)   John Wilcock   James Catterall Louisa Connolly Widow of Thomas Lawrence
6/11/1869 JAMES MOORE Pincock Thomas   ISABELLA ROSCOE Pincock Andrew   Joseph Clithero Elizabeth Roscoe  
1/6/1870 JOHN BALDWIN SMITH Euxton   Margaret MARGARET ASPINDALE Euxton Henry   Thomas Smith Mary Aspindale  
13/8/1870 WILLIAM TAYLOR Euxton & Chorley William   JANE BEARDSWORTH Pincock   Alice Richard Beardsworth Agnes Roscoe  
20/8/1870 JAMES TURNER Euxton James   MARY SMITH (widow) Adlington James Redyard   Thomas Worthington Emma Dolphin Widow of James Smith
11/2/1871 THOMAS ROSBOTTOM Pincock John   SARAH REED Charnock Richard James   Joseph Taylor Elizabeth Roscoe  
17/5/1871 JOHN SMITH Whittle John   CATHERINE MOON Euxton John   John Moon jun Mary Smith jun  
6/7/1871 RUDOLPH MOON Chorley Edward   MARGARET NIXON Charnock Richard Thomas   Joseph Moon Sara Roberts  
31/7/1871 ROBERT WOODS Euxton John   ELIZABETH SOUTHWORTH Pincock Thomas   John Winstanley Jane Fairbrother  
25/4/1872 ROBERT AINSWORTH Euxton Edward   JANE ECCLES (widow) Euxton John Towers   George Towers Anne Wilcock Widow of Cuthbert Eccles
25/4/1872 RICHARD CROPPER Euxton Thomas   MARY ASPINDALE   Henry   Michael Aspindale Jane Aspindale  
15/5/1872 WILLIAM FISHWICK Euxton John   HANNAH RALPHS Pincock Richard   Richard Ralphs Elizabeth Fishwick  
15/6/1872 RICHARD RALPHS Euxton Richard   ANNE WILCOCK Buckshaw James   John Moon Agnes Wilcock  
17/9/1872 JAMES KAYLEY Chorley John   AGNES WILCOCK Buckshaw James   Richard Ralphs Anne Ralphs  
19/6/1873 JAMES CLITHEROE Euxton & Bolton   Elizabeth WINIFRED CORNWALL Euxton Robert   Joseph Clitheroe Winifred Rosbottom  
18/9/1873 EDWARD BANKS Euxton John   ANNE CORNWALL Euxton Robert   Joseph Banks Mary Cornwall  
9/5/1874 THOMAS HENRY GUDGEON Bury Thomas   ELIZABETH WELLS Euxton John   Robert Gudgeon Helen Greensmith  
10/10/1874 THOMAS HUNTER Charnock Richard John   MARY ANNE PARKINSON Euxton John   William Banks Margaret Dicconson  
14/11/1874 GEORGE SMITH Euxton Thomas   ELIZABETH CLIFFE Chorley John   Thomas Smith Mary Smith  
21/10/1875 ALEXANDER DOLPHIN Ribchester Robert   HELEN GREENSMITH Euxton John   William Dolphin Mary Wells  
17/2/1876 THOMAS BRIERLEY Charnock Richard James   MARTHA SMITH Chorley Thomas   William Brierley Anne Smith  
28/9/1876 WILLIAM WILCOCK Euxton Thomas   MARY WELLS Euxton John   Alexander Dolphin Elizabeth Wilcock  
9/11/1876 THOMAS SMITH Euxton Thomas   MARGARET MOON Eccleston James   James Moon Mary Smith  
11/11/1876 JOSEPH BEARDSWORTH Euxton   Mary ISABELLA SOUTHWORTH Euxton Thomas   Robert Winstanley Agnes Roscoe  
2/5/1877 JOSEPH PRESCOTT Wheelton David   ELIZABETH MOON Euxton John   James Prescott Agnes Moon  
24/5/1877 JAMES FAIRBROTHER Euxton John   ELIZABETH GASKELL Chorley   Susanna Richard Chadwick Anne Howarth  
21/7/1877 JAMES FISHWICK Euxton John   AGNES ROSCOE Euxton Andrew   Thomas Rosbottom Elizabeth Fishwick  
13/8/1877 EDWARD BANKS Chorley John   SARA A LYON   William   Joseph Banks Mary Anne Lyon  
6/9/1877 WILLIAM HARDMAN JENKINS Leyland William   MARY GRAHAM Euxton John   John Kelly Mary Kelly  
18/9/1877 JOSEPH CLITHERO Euxton James   ALICE SOUTHWORTH Euxton Thomas   James Clithero Winifred Clithero  
29/10/1877 JOHN CHARLESTON Charnock Richard John   JANE FAIRBROTHER   William   Joseph Banks Anne O'Neill  
7/1/1878 JOHN SOUTHWORTH Charnock Richard John   MARY PARKINSON   William   Joseph Beardsworth Jane Southworth  
10/6/1878 RICHARD WINSTANLEY Euxton Thomas   HELEN HALLSALL Chorley   Hanna Peter Roscoe Rebecca Southworth  
21/9/1878 THOMAS JACKSON Leyland John   CATHERINE BALL Euxton Richard   Jonathan Fishwick Helen Winstanley  
14/11/1878 AUGUSTUS ISHERWOOD Chorley Joseph   CATHERINE SWARBRICK Euxton Robert   James Isherwood Anne Swarbrick  
9/1/1879 ROBERT AINSWORTH Euxton Edward   HELEN CATTERALL (widow) Euxton William Hart   Andrew Dicconson Anne Houghton  
13/2/1879 JAMES ASPINDALE Euxton Henry   MARY DILWORTH Euxton James   Thomas Cropper Alice Aspindale  
10/5/1879 JONATHAN FISHWICK Euxton John   HELEN WINSTANLEY Euxton William   Richard Winstanley Hanna Aspden  
17/5/1879 MARK WALLBANK Euxton Robert   JANE ADDISON Euxton George   Adam Addison Isabella Moore  
26/5/1879 WILLIAM BANKS Euxton John   ELIZABETH WILCOCK Euxton James   Joseph Banks Anne Banks  
18/6/1879 THOMAS RAWCLIFFE Chorley John   MARY CORNWALL Euxton Robert   John Cornwall Winifred Rosbottom  
28/8/1879 JOHN MAYOR Charnock Richard Robert   MARY SMITH Euxton Thomas   Thomas Smith Elizabeth Eccles  
29/9/1879 JAMES ALKER Chorley Thomas   JANE ELIZABETH LYON Chorley William   Daniel Farrington Agnes Lyon  
7/10/1879 THOMAS SMITH Claughton Thomas   ANNE WILCOCK Euxton James   William Banks Elizabeth Banks  
28/10/1879 JOSEPH WALMSLEY Euxton Richard   HELEN BRUNSKILL Euxton John   John Henry Buller Mary Anne Kelly  
3/6/1880 THOMAS RIGBY Chorley Robert   ELIZABETH HARTLEY (widow) Chorley James Hilton   William Rigby Alice Bannister  
12/6/1880 PETER PARKINSON Euxton John   MARY ANNE CLITHERO Euxton James   Robert Swarbrick Margaret Swarbrick  
3/7/1880 RICHARD BEARDSWORTH Euxton   Alice ELIZABETH ROSBOTTOM Euxton John   Thomas Rosbottom Mary Anne Watkinson  
17/7/1880 JOHN RALPHS Euxton Richard   HELEN ROSBOTTOM Euxton John   John Brimelow Jane Worthington  
13/11/1880 JAMES SOUTHWORTH Charnock Richard   Margaret MARY HELEN TURNER Charnock Richard   Isabella Richard Southworth Elizabeth Winstanley  
18/6/1881 JOHN COCKSHOOT Euxton James   ELIZABETH FISHWICK Euxton John   William Fishwick Mary Anne Cockshoot  
29/9/1881 JOHN WELLS Euxton Joshua   ELIZABETH CLITHERO Euxton James   Robert Swarbrick Margaret Swarbrick  
17/11/1881 JOSEPH BANKS Euxton John   JANE WELLS Euxton John   Edward Banks Sara Wells  
3/12/1881 PETER WATKINSON Euxton Jonathan   HELEN BLACKLEDGE Charnock Richard Edward   George Winstanley Anna Winstanley  
4/2/1882 JOHN THOMAS FINCH Leyland Thomas   MARY ANNE WATKINSON Euxton Peter   Joseph Watkinson Margaret Finch  
29/4/1882 JOHN BRIMLEY Euxton James   JANE WORTHINGTON Euxton Joseph   William Fishwick Margaret Hull  
22/5/1882 WILLIAM KITCHING Euxton Thomas   JANE ASPINALL Euxton Henry   William Bond Jane Rigby  
24/8/1882 JOHN CORNWELL Euxton Robert   EMMA LOUISE MILLS Euxton Charles   James Cornwell Mary Mills  
5/7/1883 JAMES BIBBY Bolton James   MARGARET WELSBY Euxton Alexander   Frederick Bibby Catherine Welsby  
15/9/1883 JOHN WALLBANK Euxton Robert   MARY JANE TAYLOR Euxton Thomas   Joseph Wallbank Elizabeth Taylor  
28/11/1883 JAMES ECCLES Whittle le Woods John   ALICE ASPINDALE Euxton Henry   Henry Aspindale Agnes Aspindale  
21/4/1884 RICHARD BARROW Charnock Richard Robert   ELIZABETH GODFREY Euxton & Edinburgh Edward   Thomas Barrow Anna Barrow  
23/6/1884 RICHARD WINSTANLEY Euxton William   ELIZA BAILEY Chorley & Mansfield Absolom   John Winstanley Helen Worsley  
30/10/1884 ANDREW DICCONSON Euxton     DINAH BLACKLEDGE Euxton Thomas   Thomas Roscoe Margaret Blackledge  
19/1/1885 ISAIAH WALKER Wigan John   ANNE SWARBRICK Euxton Thomas   Henry Swarbrick Mary Swarbrick  
14/4/1885 JOSEPH A MOORE London, Ontario John   MARY ALICE WILCOCK   Thomas   Thomas Wilcock jnr Margaret Houghton  
15/4/1885 JOHN CLITHERO Euxton     MARY MILLS Euxton Charles   John Cornwell Emily Ayres  
13/5/1885 WILLIAM NEWSHAM Blackburn John   JANE WILCOCK Euxton Michael   Jeremiah Cornwell Elizabeth Wilcock  
6/6/1885 RICHARD SOUTHWORTH Euxton Thomas   ELIZABETH WINSTANLEY Euxton George   John George Winstanley Helen Robinson  
4/7/1885 WILLIAM BARKER Euxton Robert   ELIZABETH JACKSON Euxton Thomas   Joseph Beardsworth Anne Southworth  
9/1/1886 JOSEPH WATKINSON Euxton John   HELEN PARKINSON Euxton John   John Wells Elizabeth Wells  
6/2/1886 JOHN PARKINSON Euxton William   ELIZABETH ANNE WALLBANK Euxton Robert   Mark Wallbank Jane Wallbank  
5/5/1886 JEREMIAH CORNWELL Euxton Robert   ELIZABETH WILCOCK Euxton Michael   James Cornwell Jane Newsham  
8/5/1886 ROBERT WINSTANLEY Aspull Edward   MARGARET BLACKLEDGE Euxton Thomas   Andrew Dicconson Dinah Dicconson  
10/2/1887 EDWARD GREATOREX Chorley John   CATHERINE WELSBY Euxton Alexander   James Bibby Margaret Bibby  
30/4/1887 JOSEPH RUPERT WALLBANK Euxton Robert   MARGARET ROBINSON Euxton William   Mark Wallbank Jane Wallbank  
25/6/1887 JAMES TAYLOR Euxton     ALICE FAIRBROTHER Euxton     Joseph Roscoe Helen Robinson  
3/9/1887 WILLIAM WINSTANLEY Pincock George   MARY PARKINSON Pincock   Mary Anne John Winstanley Elizabeth Southworth  
8/10/1887 WILLIAM TAYLOR Pincock Thomas   ELIZABETH ANNE MASON Pincock Thomas   Peter Taylor Mary Jane Wallbank  
29/10/1887 RICHARD WORTHINGTON Pincock Joseph   MARY SHARROCK Pincock William   Ralph Bentham Margaret Ellen Sharrock  
14/2/1888 WILLIAM BANKS Euxton John   ELIZABETH HALLIWELL (widow)   James Farrell   Edward Banks Mary Jemima Turner Widow of William Halliwell
21/4/1888 JOSEPH WATKINSON Pincock Peter   MARY ANN TAYLOR Pincock Joseph   Peter Taylor Elizabeth Taylor  
16/5/1888 JAMES CORNWELL Euxton Robert   SARAH WELLS Didsbury & Euxton John   Robert Cornwell Helen Morley  
9/6/1888 WILLIAM CARTER Charnock Richard William   ANNE ROSCOE Pincock John   Henry Carter Elizabeth Watkinson  
24/5/1888 JOHN WILCOCK Euxton Michael   JANE CORNWELL Euxton Robert   James Wilcock Alice Wilcock  
30/10/1888 JOHN HOUGHTON Euxton Henry   ANNE BALDWIN Euxton John   Joseph Houghton Elizabeth Houghton  
26/5/1890 GEORGE ROBERT WALLBANK Euxton Robert   ELIZABETH PINCOCK Euxton William   John Wallbank Mary Emma Wallbank  
12/7/1890 HENRY CARTER Euxton William   ANNE TYRER Ulnes Walton Edward   William Carter Anne Carter  
30/7/1890 HENRY MOON Euxton Henry   ELIZABETH MARGARET WHITFIELD   John   Thomas Cornwell Hanna Beardsworth  
28/10/1890 JOHN WINSTANLEY Euxton William   MARGARET HOUGHTON Euxton Henry   Robert Bone Elizabeth Houghton  
10/11/1890 WILLIAM ORMEROD Chorley Thomas   ALICE WILCOCK Euxton Michael   James Wilcock Helen Wilcock  
27/11/1890 JOHN PARKINSON Euxton Thomas   ELIZABETH NORRIS Charnock Richard Thomas   James Moore Anne Iddon  
26/5/1891 WILLIAM HINCKMAN Euxton John   AGNES KAYLEY (widow)   James Wilcock   Robert Easterby Elizabeth Barrow Widow of James Kayley
3/7/1891 EDWIN BENNETT (alias MAYOR)     Anne Mayor JANE SOUTHWORTH   Thomas   Peter Roscoe Margaret Southworth  
19/1/1893 WILLIAM BARROW   Robert Mary ANNE WILCOCK   John Agnes Joseph Wilcock Elizabeth Barrow  
3/6/1893 RICHARD WINSTANLEY Pincock George   SARAH BENNETT Charnock Richard Thomas   Walter Robinson Mary Bennett  
7/9/1893 JOHN SOUTHWORTH Pincock Thomas   ANNE PARKINSON Euxton John   John Roscoe Anne Winstanley  
2/10/1893 ROBERT EASTERBY Euxton Richard   AGNES LYONS Euxton William   Thomas Swain Sarah Ann Banks Addl witness: John Wells
19/1/1895 JOHN ROBERT JACKSON Leyland Thomas   HELEN ROBINSON Pincock Richard   William Robinson Alice Southworth  
17/8/1895 JAMES WORTHINGTON Pincock Thomas   JANE MASON Pincock Thomas   Frederick Wilcock Anne Brown  
4/9/1895 FREDERICK WILCOCK Buckshaw Michael   ALICE BOLTON Euxton James   Benjamin Wilcock Emma Wilcock  
21/9/1895 JAMES PARKINSON Pincock Richard Robinson   ELIZABETH JONES Pincock Peter   Thomas Jones Mary Ellen Robinson  
16/7/1896 WILLIAM WALMSLEY Lostock Hall James   SARAH ELLEN CHADWICK Euxton James   Mary Walmsley John Chadwick  
16/1/1897 JOHN LAURENCE ROSCOE Pincock John   ANN SOUTHWORTH Pincock James   James Southworth Ellen Roscoe  
25/1/1897 WILLIAM BRADY Chorley James   MARY ELLEN WILCOCK Daisy Hill John   Joseph Wilcock Florence Mary Brady  
8/2/1897 WILLIAM SMITH Euxton Robert   ELIZABETH HARDMAN Euxton     William Hardman Ellen Smith Widow of John Hardman
3/6/1897 THOMAS HENRY CLARKSON Leyland John   EMMA WILCOCK Buckshaw Michael   William Clarkson Helena Wilcock  
24/7/1897 PETER ROSCOE Pincock Thomas Parkinson (Roscoe)   ALICE WIGNALL Pincock Matthew   Thomas Moore Isabella Fishwick  
16/9/1897 CHARLES MILLS Dewsbury Charles   HELENA WILCOCK Buckshaw Michael   James Wilcock Helena Sumner  
18/9/1897 JOHN SWARBRICK Pincock Richard Robinson   ELIZABETH McEVOY       Richard Winstanley Alice Robinson Widow of Luke McEvoy, Leyland
13/1/1898 JOHN WOODS Pincock Robert   MARY GIBBONS Pincock James   John Schofield Sarah Moorcroft  
15/1/1898 WILLIAM ROBINSON Pincock Richard   MARY BENNETT Charnock Richard Thomas   Joseph Rigby Alice Robinson  
16/6/1898 JAMES KITCHING Runshaw Moor William   ELLEN SMITH Euxton   Monica Robert Kitching Alice Smith  
4/8/1898 PETER TAYLOR Euxton Joseph   CHARLOTTE ROSCOE Pincock Joseph   William Taylor Margaret Roscoe  
5/11/1898 JAMES HAYDOCK Wrightington James   ELLEN ROSCOE Pincock John   Andrew Roscoe Mary Roscoe  
25/1/1899 WILLIAM HARDMAN Euxton John   MARY HOWARD Euxton     Thomas Hardman Jane Houghton Widow of Alfred Howard
18/4/1899 JOHN CLITHEROE Euxton James   HELEN WILCOCK Euxton Thomas   James Clitheroe Anne Wilcock  
12/05/1900 RICHARD BEARDSWORTH Pincock Joseph   MARGARET ROSCOE Pincock Joseph   James Tobin Helen Fishwick  
27/06/1900 WILLIAM JACKMAN Euxton John   MARTHA ELLEN CLITHEROE Euxton James   Robert Kitching Elizabeth Clitheroe  
14/07/1900 FREDERICK CHARLES WORTHINGTON Pincock Thomas   ISABELLA FISHWICK Pincock James   Arthur Worhington Anne Fishwick  
22/08/1900 THOMAS CALDERBANK Chorley Thomas   MARY ELLEN GILLETT Euxton John   John Calderbank Jane Gillett  
10/1/1901 THOMAS KITCHING Euxton William   MARY WALMSLEY Euxton James   Henry Walmsley Mary Kitching  
12/1/1901 JAMES TOBIN Wrightington John Joseph   ELLEN FISHWICK Pincock William   James Barlow Anne Fishwick  
17/4/1901 EDWARD WALMSLEY Euxton James   JANE GILLETT Euxton John   Henry Walmsley Mary Anderton  
13/8/1901 HENRY BANISTER Leyland Richard   ANNE KAYLEY Charnock Richard James   Francis Concannon Elizabeth Kayley  
16/10/1901 JOHN THOMAS SOUTHWORTH Euxton James   BRIDGET PARTLAND Chorley John   Richard Robinson Ellen Southworth  
3/5/1902 WILLIAM PORTER Charnock Richard Thomas   ISABELLA SOUTHWORTH Daisy Hill James   Thomas Southworth Margaret Porter  
23/7/1902 THOMAS DAWBER Wrightington William   ELIZABETH JANE KAYLEY Charnock Richard James   William Dawber Margaret Dawber  
13/6/1903 JOHN HERBERT HALSTEAD Pincock John   JANE TAYLOR Pincock Joseph   Thomas Roscoe Mary Rosbotham  
2/7/1903 WILLIAM WELSBY Euxton Alexander   ANNE FISHWICK Euxton William   Alexander Welsby Olivia Cockshot  
5/9/1903 JAMES BURKE Preston Edwin   MARGARET ANNE LUCAS Charnock Richard Thomas   John Lucas Ellen Lucas  
7/3/1905 JAMES ROSCOE Euxton John   MARY AMELIA YATES Charnock Richard Thomas   Andrew Roscoe Mary Roscoe  
10/6/1905 THOMAS WELSBY Euxton Alexander   ELIZABETH AGNES WORTHINGTON Euxton Thomas   William Welsby Margaret Bibby  
17/8/1905 JOSEPH HENRY CORCORAN Leyland Mark   MARY ANNE MASON Euxton William Taylor   James Concannon Jane Taylor  
19/8/1905 ARTHUR ERNEST SINGLETON Leyland Joseph Dale   ADA WALLBANK Charnock Richard John Parkinson   Thomas Durigan Mary Parkinson  
5/5/1906 THOMAS SINGLETON Charnock Richard James   JANE WALLBANK Euxton     Joseph Wallbank Elizabeth Wallbank Widow of Mark Wallbank
15/11/1906 BERNARD O'GORMAN London Edmund   EVA JOHNSON Euxton John   William Ince Anderton Edward Pyke  
16/4/1907 ALEXANDER WELSBY Euxton Alexander   OLIVIA MARY COCKSHOTT   John   John Fishwick Mary Welsby  
17/4/1907 FRANCIS HARGREAVES Euxton James   JANE DUCKWORTH Chorley Henry   William Gillett Anne Gillett  
23/7/1907 JOHN WALLBANK Euxton Robert   MARY ELLEN BIBBY   John Cliffe   George Smith Elizabeth Smith Widow of John Bibby
12/9/1907 THOMAS ROSCOE Daisy Hill Joseph   MARY ROSBOTHAM Euxton John Ralphs   John Ralphs Helen Ashworth  
19/2/1908 FRANCIS WALLBANK Euxton John   MARY WOODS Charnock Richard William   Thomas Wallbank Elizabeth Woods  
1/8/1908 EDWARD PARKINSON Euxton William Winstanley   MARY ROSCOE Euxton John   Peter Roscoe Anne Winstanley  
31/8/1908 THOMAS MAKINSON Chorley Thomas   ALICE WILCOCK   Thomas   Douglas Tomlinson Jane Wilcock  
7/9/1908 ROBERT CHARLES CLARKSON Leyland John   MARGARET LUCY CORNWELL   John   Wiliam Clarkson Ellen Cornwell  
21/1/1909 PETER ROSCOE Euxton John   HELEN SOUTHWORTH Euxton James   William Roscoe Theresa Southworth  
2/8/1909 EDWARD THOMAS Heath Charnock George   ELIZABETH DOYLE Liverpool Peter   John Harlow Margaret Doyle  
16/4/1910 EDWARD SOUTHWORTH Leyland George   JANE TAYLOR Daisy Hill William   William Wallbank Elizabeth Taylor  
31/8/1910 HENRY HORNBY Euxton Patrick   MARTHA HEPWORTH Euxton     Thomas Hornby Margaret Hornby Widow of William Hepworth
4/2/1911 HENRY THORNLEY Ulnes Walton George   MARGARET BOYLE Euxton Frederick   William Smith Jane Wallbank  
28/2/1911 JOSEPH BURNS Chorley James   ALICE BAXENDALE Euxton Henry   Robert Holland Frances Holland  
24/4/1911 WILLIAM HAYDOCK Charnock Richard William   ELIZABETH MATILDA PRESSLER Euxton William   John Pressler Ellen Haydock  
5/6/1911 PATRICK SMITH Standish Patrick   MARY CRAVEN   John   Francis Craven Anne Smith  
5/6/1911 JAMES BARLOW Wrightington William   ALICE ROBINSON   Richard   Richard Dawson Mary Anne Lucas  
5/8/1911 THOMAS TURNER Wrightington Thomas   LUCY WINSTANLEY Euxton Richard   Richard Winstanley Mary Winstanley  
20/4/1912 JAMES BURGESS Farington Joseph   ANNE WINSTANLEY Euxton Richard   Henry Smith Mary Winstanley  
20/7/1912 HENRY HARRISON Chorley John   ELLEN WINSTANLEY Pincock Richard Southworth   Frederick Harrison Anne Winstanley  
26/9/1912 ROBERT BOOTH Chorley William   THERESA SOUTHWORTH Pincock James   William Booth Rebecca Southworth  
4/2/1913 JOHN RALPHS Euxton John   AGNES MONA TYSON Euxton Henry   John Fishwick Isabella Ralphs  
2/4/1913 CHARLES HUGH McHUGH Leyland John   ELLEN BARKER Daisy Hill George Winstanley   Henry Barker Anna McHugh  
6/8/1913 GEORGE WOODS   Emmanuel Jane DORA MARY WALKER   Charles Eliza George Sharples Mary Walker  
12/8/1913 THOMAS MOORE Wheelton James Isabella MARY SWARBRICK Euxton   Elizabeth Wilfred Wareing Ellen Moore  
25/4/1914 THOMAS CHARNOCK Leyland Sylvester   JANE WALLBANK Euxton John   William Wallbank Caroline Molyneux  
3/8/1914 RICHARD SOUTHWORTH Euxton James   ISABELLA RALPHS Euxton John   Francis Kirk Elizabeth Taylor  
24/10/1914 FRANCIS KIRKPATRICK Chorley Richard   ELIZABETH TAYLOR Charnock Richard James   William Fairbrother Anne Winstanley  
16/11/1914 JAMES WHITTLE TURNER   James   ELLEN CLITHEROE Euxton John   Joseph Turner Margaret Clitheroe  
24/12/1914 JEREMIAH D'HOWTH   Peter   ANAISA CATRY Menin, Belgium Gustav   Arthur Leach Mary Leach  
14/4/1915 JAMES TAYLOR Daisy Hill Joseph   ELIZABETH ANNE CLITHEROE   James   William Roscoe Mary Winifred Clitheroe  
22/4/1915 ANDREW DICKINSON Euxton Andrew   MARY ROSCOE Daisy Hill Joseph   James Dickinson Catherine Roscoe  
18/5/1915 HENRY WILCOCK WORTHINGTON Regina, Canada Thomas   GRACE WELSBY Euxton Alexander   Thomas Worthington Anne Greatorix  
4/11/1915 WILLIAM KITCHING Euxton William   MARY HOUGHTON   John   Thomas Kitching Margaret Houghton  
5/8/1916 MICHAEL MULLANY Gt Harwood Augustine   ELLEN HAYDOCK Charnock Richard William   Bernard Mullany Mary Haydock  
28/4/1917 HENRY SMITH Leyland George   MARY WINSTANLEY Euxton Richard   Thomas Turner Ellen McHugh  
23/2/1919 JOSEPH FREARSON Charnock Richard Joseph Jane ANNE HUNTER   Joseph Anne Thomas Frearson Elizabeth Hunter  
28/4/1919 GEORGE EDWARD PAUL Euxton Edward   THERESA CONNELL   George   William Watkinson Josephine Connell  
30/7/1919 JOHN FISHWICK Euxton William   SARAH PARKINSON   Thomas   Thomas Southworth Nora Tobin  
10/1/1920 JOHN WALLBANK Charnock Richard John   ANNE YATES Euxton James Roscoe   Joseph Wallbank Winifred Carter  
5/4/1920 JOHN HERBERT BURNS Leyland Henry   HELEN MOON Euxton Henry   James Burns Edith Moon  
6/4/1920 JAMES DICKINSON Euxton Andrew   CECILIA TAYLOR Daisy Hill William   Andrew Dickinson Catherine Taylor  
5/6/1920 JOHN JOHNSON Chorley Thomas   MARY SOUTHWORTH Euxton Richard   Thomas Johnson Gertrude Taylor  
5/6/1920 SAMUEL BRIERS Chorley Samuel   ELIZABETH SOUTHWORTH   Richard   John Winstanley Elizabeth Winstanley  
31/7/1920 JOHN BROWN Crewe James   AMY NOBLETT Euxton William   John Adderley Ellen Noblett  
2/8/1920 DAVID MOSS Euxton James   JOSEPHINE CONNELL Euxton George   William Welsby Mary Banks  
7/8/1920 WILLIAM LIVESEY Preston Thomas   MARGARET ANNE HOUGHTON Euxton Henry   Henry Houghton Elizabeth Connell  
20/9/1920 FREDERICK NOBLE Daisy Hill William   MARY BEARDSWORTH   Joseph   James Taylor Mary Banks  
9/10/1920 THOMAS PARKINSON Pincock James   AGNES CLITHEROE Euxton James   William Jackman Ada Parkinson  
17/11/1920 WILLIAM MOSS Euxton James   ANNE O'NEILL Euxton John   James Moon Josephine Moss  
15/1/1921 JOHN WINSTANLEY Daisy Hill William   ADA ATHERTON Euxton Henry   John Cornwell Anne Winstanley  
28/3/1921 JAMES WILCOCK Walton le Dale James   MARY MAYOR Euxton John   William Wilcock Mary Kitching  
18/4/1921 WILLIAM THOMAS ROSCOE   John   MARY WINIFRED CLITHEROE   James   Frederick Ravenscroft Lucy Clitheroe  
23/7/1921 FREDERICK RAVENSCROFT   James   LUCY CLITHEROE   James   Henry Ravenscroft Nora Ravenscroft  
12/8/1921 JOHN OSWALD MACDONALD Coppull Henry   GERTRUDE ANNE PARKINSON Charnock Richard John   William Macdonald Nora Tobin  
31/1/1922 WILLIAM WATKINSON Euxton Joseph   CATHERINE TAYLOR Euxton William   John Watkinson Sarah Taylor  
21/8/1922 WALTER NEVITT Charnock Richard Edwin   ALICE SOUTHWORTH Charnock Richard James   Frederick Barrow Mary Banks  
3/2/1923 THOMAS SOUTHWORTH Pincock Richard   GERTRUDE TAYLOR   Peter   Laurence Beardsworth Alice Taylor  
12/2/1923 WILLIAM BARTON Euxton William   IVY MAY PAUL   Edward   George Paul Theresa Paul  
14/7/1923 WILLIAM KENDAL Chorley Charles   ELLEN NOBLETT Euxton William   Francis Noblett Elizabeth Rainford  
11/8/1923 WILFRED ROBINSON Preston Francis   ELLEN ANNE CARTER Charnock Richard Henry   William Smith Mary Carter  
19/1/1924 JAMES HARLOW Chorley Michael   AGNES BEARDSWORTH Euxton Robert   Michael Harlow Mary Beardsworth  
26/1/1924 JOSEPH MORRIS Pincock Robert   LILLIAN BRINDLEY Pincock James   Edward Morris Nora Tobin  
21/4/1924 HUGH HAMILTON McHUGH Leyland John   VERONICA CORNWELL Euxton Jeremiah   James McHugh Ursula Cornwell  
21/4/1924 THOMAS CARLING Preston     LOUISA ROBINSON   James   Robert Bentham Agnes Duffy  
21/6/1924 JAMES TAYLOR Charnock Richard James   FRANCESCA HAYDOCK Pincock James   John Haydock Ada Parkinson  
5/7/1924 JAMES FISHWICK   William   MARY SOUTHWORTH Pincock John   Thomas Southworth Esther Fishwick  
10/1/1925 ALBERT TOBIN Coppull William   ELSIE COUPE Pincock William   John Tobin Edith Southworth  
14/2/1925 FREDERICK TOOTELL   Thomas   SARAH TAYLOR   William   Thomas Tootell Charlotte Taylor  
13/4/1925 MICHAEL HARLOW Chorley Michael   ISABELLA SOUTHWORTH   Thomas   James Harlow Elizabeth Beardsworth nb Southworth (alias Beardsworth)
10/8/1925 JOHN MANN Leyland John   MARY CROOK   John   Wilfred Mann Theresa Crook  
14/9/1925 HENRY DOBSON WRENNALL Euxton Richard   ADA PARKINSON   Richard James   James Waring Mary Parkinson  
4/11/1925 HAROLD FREER Chorley James   ANNE WORTHINGTON Euxton Edward Greatorex Catherine Greatorex William Welsby Mary Welsby Widow of Thomas Worthington
28/11/1925 ALBERT ALOYSIUS MARSDEN Preston George   ANNE NOBLETT Euxton William   William Smith Jane Carter  
5/4/1926 WILLIAM SMITH Preston Richard   JANE CARTER Charnock Richard Henry   Albert Marsden Anne Marsden  
27/12/1926 ROGER SMITH Croston William   ELIZABETH KITCHING Euxton James   William Kitching Florence Kitching  
28/2/1927 ARTHUR WORTHINGTON Euxton James   ALICE BANKS Eccleston John   William Wilson Elizabeth Worthington  
1/3/1927 WILLIAM NOBLETT Euxton William   ELIZABETH BOND Euxton James   James Bagot Mary Noblett  
14/3/1927 RICHARD IDDON Eccleston William   AGNES ROSCOE Euxton James   Thomas Roscoe Anne Wallbank  
2/7/1927 LAURENCE BEARDSWORTH Euxton Richard   ANNE ROSCOE   John   John Roscoe Mary Beardsworth  
4/8/1927 JOHN WATKINSON Euxton Joseph   EDITH MOON   Henry   John Moon Ellen Watkinson  
23/11/1927 HENRY SMITH Euxton John   ANNE GRADWELL Euxton Joseph   Francis Parkinson Mary Gradwell  
27/12/1927 RICHARD SNAPE Whittle le Woods Richard   CLARA WESTHEAD Euxton James   Leo Snape Helen Westhead  
9/4/1928 GEORGE FREDERICK KELLY Euxton Richard   PHILOMENA (?) TAYLOR   Peter   George Swarbrick Helen Taylor  
21/7/1928 JOHN THOMAS BELL   John   JANE ANNE MOSS   John Neill Mary Neill James Moon Alice Moon Widow of William Moss
11/8/1928 FREDERICK BARROW Charnock Richard Richard   MARGARET ROSCOE Charnock Richard John   Richard Barrow Rebecca Roscoe  
10/10/1928 FREDERICK LAURENCE BRADY Penwortham Thomas   MARY KITCHING   James   John Brady JANE Kitching  
13/10/1928 SAMUEL SHORROCK Euxton John   ELLEN WATKINSON Euxton Joseph   John Mann Cecilia Halstead  
9/2/1929 JAMES HALLIWELL   Richard   MARY TOBIN   James   William Welsby Agnes Tobin  
11/2/1929 JAMES BAGOT Euxton William   MARY NOBLETT Euxton William   Andrew Noblett Mary Brown  
1/4/1929 FRANCIS HANDY Coppull William   REBECCA ROSCOE Charnock Richard John   Jonathan Roscoe Beatrice Handy  
10/8/1929 THOMAS BIBBY Leyland Cornelius   MARY BEARDSWORTH Euxton Richard   Francis Beardsworth Margaret Hodgson  
25/10/1929 JOHN ROSCOE Charnock Richard John   PHYLLIS HELEN GARNER   John   James Roscoe Anne Beardsworth  
14/1/1930 WALTER TURNER Chorley Seth   MARY ELIZABETH KITCHING   Thomas   John Kitching Alice Kitching  
30/4/1930 JAMES GORMAN   Thomas   MARY CATHERINE O'KANE   Bernard   James Langton Mona O'Kane  
12/7/1930 JOHN BALDWIN Eccleston Daniel   ELIZABETH ANNE SOUTHWORTH   John   John Southworth Mary Fishwick  
15/7/1930 WILFRED GEORGE MOULD Leyland Thomas   URSULA MAY CORNWELL Runshaw Jeremiah   Bernard Fishwick Mary Hall  
4/10/1930 RICHARD STOCK Euxton James   HANNAH JACKSON Chorley John   William Walker Gertrude Jackson  
13/6/1931 JOHN WINSTANLEY Preston William   MARY HAYDOCK Charnock Richard William   Henry Smith Mary Smith  
10/9/1931 JAMES PATRICK LOUGHLIN Chorley John   BERNADETTE ROSE MARY O'KANE   Bernard   Francis Loughlin Mary O'Kane  
21/10/1931 JOHN HUNTER Chorley Joseph   CHARLOTTE CORNWELL Euxton Thomas   Frederick Barrow Mary Cornwell  
23/7/1932 JAMES PARKINSON Euxton James   ELIZABETH BRADLEY Leyland John   Thomas Parkinson Mary Parkinson  
26/12/1932 DAVID HYDE Chorley Peter   MARGARET MARY MILLS Euxton Charles   Bernard Mills Mary Hyde  
25/1/1933 CLIFFORD OWEN Bamfurlong Henry   MARY CORNWELL Euxton Thomas   Bertram Owen Winifred Owen  
29/7/1933 JOSEPH TAULTY Euxton John   ELIZABETH CARR Euxton John   John Carr Anne Carr  
12/8/1933 ALBERT JONES Coppull Edward   ELLEN DILWORTH   John Sarah Ellen Joseph Hilton Hannah Dilworth  
23/9/1933 ANDREW HAYDOCK Euxton James   MARY ZENA SOUTHWORTH   Thomas   Edmund Haydock Frances Taylor  
19/10/1933 WILLIAM JOSEPH HALSTEAD   John   ANNE WORTHINGTON   Frederick   John Halstead Charlotte Worthington  
26/12/1933 WILLIAM GILBERT POLDING   Robert   ANNE MOORE   Thomas   George Hough Mary Hough  
10/1/1934 GEORGE CARR Euxton John   MARJORIE DAWSON   Sydney   Joseph Taulty Elizabeth Taulty  
30/6/1934 HAROLD FINCH Chorley John   CHARLOTTE TAYLOR Euxton William   William Taylor Alice Cottam  
21/7/1934 LEO BAXENDALE Whittle le Woods Samuel   CATHERINE GILLETT Euxton Richard   John Walmsley Alice Gillett  
11/8/1934 JOSEPH ALFRED KAY Euxton Joseph Robert   ANNE NEVETT Euxton Walter   William Barton Mary Robinson  
17/9/1934 JOSEPH PRESCOTT Chorley Bernard   MARY WINIFRED O'KANE Euxton Bernard   John Prescott Patricia O'Kane  
27/10/1934 JOSEPH ROSCOE Chorley William   LUCY CORNWELL   Thomas   Thomas Butterworth Winifred Cornwell  
26/11/1934 RICHARD JOSEPH TICKLE Preston Richard   CATHERINE HORROCKS Euxton John   Francis Stephens Edith Jackson  
1/12/1934 CHARLES GENT Adlington Phillip   ANNE KNIGHT HAYES Charnock Richard Thomas   John Owen Elizabeth Hayes  
1/12/1934 EDWARD SUMNER Chorley Richard   WINIFRED ALICE JACKMAN Euxton William   Leo Brindle Mary Jackman  
29/12/1934 MATTHEW LOWE Heskin John   MARGARET CARTER Euxton Henry   Francis Carter Anne Carter  
27/4/1935 JAMES STANLEY TURNER Chorley Joseph   WINIFRED CARTER Euxton Henry   Francis Carter Henry Turner  
17/6/1935 AUSTIN TURNER Chorley James   MARY JACKMAN Euxton William   James Jackman Margaret Turner  
28/12/1935 FRANCIS PARKINSON Charnock Richard John   MARY ELIZABETH GRADWELL   Joseph   Henry Smith Anne Smith  
18/4/1936 HAROLD HAMER Chorley Edward   THERESA PARKINSON Euxton Edward   Marjorie Hamer Francis Parkinson  
20/5/1936 THOMAS BUTTERWORTH Leyland John   WINIFRED CORNWELL Euxton Thomas   Wilfred Cornwell Elsie Mayor  
8/6/1936 WILLIAM RIDING Coppull Thomas   MARGARET KNIGHT Euxton James   William Knight Mary Riding  
15/6/1936 RICHARD FISHWICK Euxton William   ANNE WINSTANLEY   William   John Fishwick Nora Halliwell  
22/6/1936 CYRIL CLITHEROE Chorley John   ANNE KITCHING   Thomas   Thomas Clitheroe Alice Kitching  
8/8/1936 JOSEPH BEARDSWORTH Euxton Richard   SARAH PARKINSON Euxton James   Laurence Beardsworth May Parkinson  
1/8/1937 THOMAS WALLBANK Euxton Francis   ELIZABETH McKENNA   James   Francis McKenna Anne Wallbank  
7/8/1937 THOMAS ALMOND Whittle le Woods Edmund   CECILIA ANNE BELL Euxton James   Cyril Sinfield Theresa Bell  
11/8/1937 BERNARD HAYDOCK Euxton Thomas   OLIVIA LOWE Euxton James Haydock   Edmund Haydock Mary Parkinson  
30/12/1937 GERARD WARING Chorley Owen   WINIFRED WELSBY   Thomas   Herbert Waring Rose Welsby