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Secretarial / Parish Office

The secretarial function ay St Mary's is manned on a volunteer basis and is concerned with the day-to-day office management of the Parish and the maintenance of parish records and archives.



The job of the Sacristan includes opening the church, switching on lights and heating, putting out sacred vessels, wine, altar hosts, water etc. for all services (Masses, funerals, baptisms, weddings), replacing all candles, altar linen etc. when necessary and after each celebration putting everything away and locking up the church. The main Sacristan role is undertaken by Michael Thompson, although, in effect, a Sacristan team comprising the regular weekday churchgoers operates within the Parish.



The weekly Newsletter is produced and edited by Fr Gerry - please contact him if you wish to submit material for publication in the Newsletter. The Newsletter is made available at the Sunday Mass and is also published on this website


St. Mary's Repository

The Repository Shop, situated at the back of the church, is open for business before and after the Sunday Mass. It may be opened at other times, if and when necessary. The 'Shop' is most efficiently managed by parishioner volunteers who order and organise the stock. A small team of helpers serves in the shop and makes sure it opens at the appropriate times. At the Repository, parishioners can buy the current Catholic newspapers, CTS publications and also a range of religious items, such as Rosary beads, prayer books, medals, statues, pictures and plaques. Cards for any occasion can also be purchased at sensible prices. 



The Financial matters of the Parish are overseen by Nick Fish. Nick is directly responsible to the Parish Priest for Finance matters but works with Parish Council members on a day-to-day requirements - this is to ensure that there is a clear separation of responsibilities where money is concerned! Nick oversees the keeping of accounts, the operation of the Gift Aid scheme, the collectors and the weekly counting and reconciliation of collections, assisted by a small team of parishioner helpers.